Benefits of Taking Your Business Digital

Regardless of whether you have a website or not, there is a growing need to take businesses of all sizes digital.

Digital tools can grow business and enhance your reputation, online software can simplify and streamline your admin, saving you time so you can focus on the hands-on stuff.

Plenty of digital systems have been designed with the trade and service sector in mind, ensuring the physical/mobile workforce will be able to easily use their programs on the go.

If you’ve ever wondered what the point is in going digital, we’ve unpacked them below:


Simplify your procedures and administrative tasks with streamlined operations, task sheets, filing, and reporting.

Management software allows businesses to easily assign jobs, track timelines, and view project notifications. They allow you to create templates for quoting and invoicing, refining additional administrative paperwork, and making reporting easier.


Files and job management in one place. Manage your workforce, jobs, orders, and projects from quote to invoice digitally. Reduce double handling of tasks between, written quotes, spreadsheets, and reporting systems.  Some systems even let you capture signatures digitally, record notes, and photos.


Going digital provides you with visibility of pricing models, files, and contacts when you’re on the go, giving yourself and your crew the ability to access all the information they need, when they need it.

Time allocation and tracking help build awareness of time spend, tracking time, and productivity. Factoring that into forthcoming quotes, some management systems use these insights to prioritise contracts that appear to have a higher profit rate, so you can prioritise profitable jobs.

Empowering staff

Digital management software gives you the ability to manage your team remotely. Going digital creates “a world where tradies are making a life, not just a living”.

When you are out of reach, your staff can find resources and quotes on their own and you can jump in and out when and where required. This leads to easier management of your team and your business.


Management software can connect to accounting programs for a seamless transition between job management and accounting. Such as Aro Flo which integrates with Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, and Reckon. This is an invaluable feature for simplicity with your budgeting and cost tracking.

Although you may have a great manual system in place, going digital contributes to greater accountability within the workplace as well as saving time.

If going digital sounds interesting to you, check out the services outlined above, or seek further assistance from someone who works within this field.