DTF Heat Transfers

With rich & sharp colours Supacolour is the innovative new way of producing heat transfers that will make your brand stand out!

The high quality finish of a Supacolour transfer allows all the fine details, brightness & tonal gradients to shine! Supacolour also has a smooth finish with no raised edges or thick texture giving you an outstanding result.

By using this process you can have as many colours as you like; giving you a far more cost effective option than a screen-print with a lot of colours.
Supacolour is an eco-friendly, durable, water based transfer & has been tested for no fading or cracking for 50+ domestic laundry washes.

The minimum order quantity for Supacolour transfers is 10 items of the same colour, material type & with the same sized print.  An initial setup fee applies, as does a re-set fee for any subsequent transfer runs.  Our recommendation is to use cotton rich fabrics to get the best results.

We will require a vectored format file of your logo with embedded CMYK values. If you don’t have a vectored file get in touch to ask about our fees for vectoring your logo.

If you’d like to enquire about Supacolour transfers go to our GET QUOTE button at the top right of this screen, fill in all the relevant details & send us your (vectored) logo design. Someone will get in contact with you within 24 hours.

Check out our Embroidery, Screen-printing or Sublimation tabs for other forms of branding that we offer.

We recommend that all customised Supacolour printed garments are washed inside out on a cold cycle and air dried. Vigorous hot washing and tumble drying can cause damage to prints. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused to garments from not following the recommend care guide.