How Important is High Vis Clothing on a Worksite?

When it comes to the worksite, safety must always come first.

Unlike in an office environment, workplaces (such as construction sites or roadsides) present more hazards and potentially dangerous conditions for workers, especially when dealing with moving traffic, heavy machinery or equipment.

Poor visibility, darkness or busy environments reduce worker visibility which is why accidents happen. Precautions need to be taken to ensure that worksites are as safe as possible. I mean, you wouldn’t drive around at night without your lights on, would you? Stepping foot on a worksite without the adequate personal protective equipment is pretty much the same thing.

High Vis clothing is one of the most simple, effective and inexpensive measures to put in place to improve the safety of staff on the worksite. It’s the norm for anyone ‘on the job’ to be wearing High Vis clothing for this reason.

Why is high vis clothing important?

Improves safety on the worksite

Hi Vis clothing helps to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries on the work   site, helping to ensure we all get home safe.

Hi Vis clothing is effective because the bright coloured fabric increases the visibility of the wearer against the work environment, this   allows easier recognition of workers at a distance which can help to avoid   potentially dangerous situations.

During night and low light conditions the reflective tape strips on Hi Vis clothing light up when they come in contact with an external light source such as head lights on a car. The light given off by   reflective tape at night helps you be clearly seen at a distance in even   pitch-black conditions.

Used to identify staff

High Vis clothing can be used to distinguish and identify staff on the worksite, particularly where access is restricted for safety/security reasons. This helps improve the level of safety, efficiency and security. Not only this, High Vis clothing increases a company’s presence and promotes a visible corporate identity to the public.

How does Syzmik stack up?

Syzmik offers a wide range of quality high vis workwear to suit your workplace needs. The range is highly practical with additional features for extra comfort.

·        Highly breathability and quick dry

·        Underarm and upper back mesh vent inserts to keep you cool in any environment

·        Mid-weight cotton to keep you cool

·        Multiple pockets with button closures – e.g. mobile phone, pen

The SYZMIK range encourages safe working practices and is compliant to the AUS and NZ Hi Visibility Standards. Find out more about our Hi Vis workwear here or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.