How to Choose the Best Workwear for You

Whether it’s for a new business or you decide to refresh your current uniforms, choosing the best workwear for your industry may be tough to navigate – especially with different requirements needed for certain trades, jobs and even times of day! Pairing new uniforms with industry guidelines then throw in branding, choosing a new uniform can feel like a recipe for disaster! From electricians to builders, plumbers to painters, we’ve got your guide on how to choose the best workwear for you.

Fit and Feel

The fit and feel of any uniform is the number one priority when deciding on what workwear is best for you. Rocking up to work every day in something that doesn’t fit right – either too big or too small – is not only uncomfortable but may also impact your ability to work. How it feels is also important. Is the material itchy? Does it irritate your skin? Does it stretch with you when you bend over? Does the material snag and tear? These are some things you may not initially think of, but you will certainly notice when onsite!

Our Syzmik workwear comes with a range of different symbols to help you find the best workwear for you. Some signs & symbols to look out for include:

Stretch-Fabricartion-icon Stretch fabrication – on garments where you see this symbol, this indicates that this garment uses fibres that will stretch with you however you move, as well as providing increased comfort and unrestricted movement.

Rip-Stop-Tech-icon Ripstop technology – seeing this symbol on our garments indicates the use of ripstop technology. This means that our garment features ripstop fabric, which provides increased tear and abrasion resistance through an advanced fabric weave. The weave allows the use of lighter-weight fabrics to keep you cool while still maintaining a garment that will stand up to tough jobs.

Advanced-Knee-Protection-icon Advanced knee protection – you guessed it – any garment you see with this symbol features better knee protection than garments without this symbol. This extra knee protection features more padding and reinforcement around the general knee area, which provides greater protection for those of you who spend a lot of time crouching or on your knees onsite, in jobs such as gardening or plumbing.

Breathability-icon Breathability – garments carrying this breathability symbol are made with special fabrics that allow more air to pass through, which in turn lets the wearer stay cool, dry and more comfortable while on the job. This is particularly beneficial in the warmer weather or jobs where there is increased movement.

Waterproof-icon Waterproof – these garments contain water-resistant fabrics and coating to stop water from coming in through the outside layer. All our waterproof garments are seam-sealed which keeps water from entering and ensures that you and your team are being protected from the elements no matter what season you’re in.

While these things can certainly make our uniforms a lot comfier, some professions need a higher level of protection or other safety elements when choosing their workwear, to make them compliant with safety protocols. This leads us to our next point.

Industry Standards

In some professions (think office environments!) there isn’t as much importance placed on the durability, functionality and industry requirements of uniforms – when was the last time you saw Hi-Vis at the office?! As a tradie, safety onsite is crucial and often workwear requirements are set by an overarching entity. At Syzmik, we ensure that all of our workwear is rigorously tested to abide by the Australian and New Zealand workwear standards are set. These include things like the standard and colour needed for Hi-Vis garments to be compliant as well as the reflective taping on garments and what is needed for these to meet standards.

An added layer of protection comes in with the 4399 standards, with this standard referring to the capability of a fabric to protect skin against solar ultraviolet radiation. While it isn’t essential for hi-visibility standards, it is a bonus to the garment and its wearer.

If you work in one of the following industries, it’s more than likely you will need to wear Hi-Vis as part of your uniform:

·       Construction workers

·       Emergency responders

·       Security personnel

·       Heavy-duty equipment handlers

·       Warehouse workers

·       Road and rail workers

Are you are unsure of what safety features you require?  We recommend chatting to your supervisor, before coming into a Syzmik distributor who will then be able to assist you with which garment meets your requirements.

So, what uniform is for me?

Keeping these things in mind will help you when it comes down to deciding on the best workwear for you and your team. If you work onsite or in an environment where you need to be visible, Hi-Vis workwear is something that you will need as part of your uniform. When working in a job where you find yourself on your knees a lot, such as a gardener or plumber, looking for the advanced knee protection symbol is something to factor in. If your profession sees you outdoors, requires durability in your workwear, but doesn’t need the Hi-Vis standards of a construction site, our range of outdoor, lightweight shirts may be your new go-to. And if you are simply after workwear that looks as good as clothing you would wear on the weekend, take a look at our Streetworx range.

Choosing the best workwear for you and your crew can sometimes feel overwhelming – especially with the options that are out there, but the Syzmik team has you covered, with workwear to suit almost every industry. Reach out to find the best option for you.